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Do Not Exercise to Lose Weight!

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When approached with the right mind set, exercise truly is a magical gift, it can be free, medicinal and in abundance, one that many people would benefit from embracing! Yet, so many people have it attached to the notion of ‘having to do it’ to achieve something: predominantly weight loss or improve health. But the immediate problem when we ‘have to’ do something is that we instantly throw an internal tantrum on par with that of a 2 year old. You know that oh so familiar stage, the one where they are compelled to do the complete opposite of every single thing you say. In turn you discover negotiation strategies and develop skills that even MI5 would be proud of in an attempt to restore order at the local supermarket and leave with less grey hairs and wrinkles than when you made that fatal error of entering that damn store with mini humans!

The irrational outburst attached to the mere thought of exercise; the chore, the burden, the effort, the ‘are you crazy fool’ thought processes that our brains transmit to us when we even slightly consider getting up off our backside. Tools our brains work hard at preserving to maintain familiarity and predictability. Our brains love the status quo. Ironically we think that we are choosing not to exercise, choosing not to exert ourselves, put our bodies through such torture and evade total pain – but we are merely having an internal tantrum, a fight with our inner parent: the bossy and rebellious part of the brain, a fierce battle against what we think we are being told we should do!

Now this is one conflict that we really should stop participating in, stand back, assess the battlefield with a new perspective because when you choose to embrace exercise for enjoyment and immediate well being you have not only won the war but will also achieve psychological wellbeing, health and longevity.

Exercise really is a powerful medicine and surprisingly not for all the reasons that you are already so familiar with; the long term health benefits….blah blah blah – you have heard it all before, everyone knows the health benefits associated with exercise and why you should exercise – hence the reluctance to do as we are told! However, because we are creatures that are always searching out instant gratification I am not going to repeat the very reasons you should be exercising but draw your attention to why you should choose to exercise for immediate benefits.

First of all, seize the moment for some ‘me time’, you are worth investing in so let the rest of the world go on hold for a short period and prioritise you – it will still be there when you come back. If you are anxious, tired or suffering with depressive moods then this opportunity is perfect for you as the brain releases a burst of Serotonin boosting self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress………IMMEDIATELY! You really will feel better for doing it. I run, people ask if I am mad and I challenge them to remain in my home faced with all my mini humans – running, even in the rain really is still the easy option! Through times of extreme stress it not only keeps me sane but it actually ensures the continuation of my husband and children’s ability to breathe without medical intervention.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN OR JOIN A GYM, just discover what YOU ENJOY DOING and make sure that you are moving quick enough to raise your heart rate, breathe faster and feel warmer. What have you always wanted to do? Get up, do it and feel good in the process and then reap the benefits! The more you enjoy it then the more you do it and the more you do it then the more you really enjoy and begin to look forward to it.

There is something for everyone!

Feed the mind then the mind will feed the body, in turn leaving you feeling more energised and ensuring you not only have a longer life but you will have a happier and healthier one.

Another reason I exercise – it is time spent not eating!


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