November & December: 20% 0ff 4 Hypnotherapy sessions when booked and paid for in advance.

This is an ideal approach for you if you already have good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle but find your portions are just too large. Through this technique you will be able to feel fuller quicker and in turn eat less…

For those who have a more complicated relationship with food, as many people do, I would suggest the coaching option to lose weight. This approach focuses on why you eat what you eat, changing habits, increasing confidence and looking at wellbeing and lifestyle. When you engage in this approach you are more likely to not only lose weight, but keep the weight off.

See coaching options on the website or call me for more information: 07748 463064


Look Within Today

This requires 4 Sessions. Get in touch for a free telephone consultation to find out if the Hypno Gastric-Band is right for you.

Cost: £380

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