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Ditch the Diet

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I have never really ‘dieted’, *she ducks* please hold fire …..not because I have never had pounds to shed but because I was too obsessed with food to stop eating it! However, I have dipped my toes in this very murky pond: I joined weight watchers once, the following week I didn’t return because I weighed more than I did at the very first ‘weigh in’ (those freakin dreaded scales, see the whole world weighs 10 stone) ….. I mean seriously, people at least lose weight their first week don’t they? Not me, obviously. If I decide I am going on a ‘diet’ then I literally consume more calories at that very first breakfast than what I do typically in a whole day! The moment I tell myself I can’t have something I want it so much more than ever. Deprivation = constant repetitive thoughts of the mere thing you are trying to avoid.

I have watched and continue to watch people around me relentlessly join group after group, purchase new ‘snake oil’ after ‘snake oil’ with the belief that they had to be a certain weight, look a certain way and this was only achievable by following what someone else tells you to do – and of course paying them for the pleasure.

I want you to just think about, dare I say it: a possible conspiracy theory for the diet world – it is undisputable that the diet industry is a massive money maker for corporations and pharmaceutical companies, creating the perception that fat is wrong and emphasising that we must do all that we can to eliminate it from our bodies and diets. In the 80’s calorie counting suddenly became popular and the miracle replacement for sugar (sweetener) was introduced. We then blindly rolled in to and through the 90’s being told to steer clear of carbs whilst sadly witnessing the loss of women’s hips in all pop videos and on shop mannequins, honestly, all you have to do is check out any MC Hammer video or New Kids on the Block – man, those women had curves! And now today: with the air brushing of EVERY, SINGLE image essential before a photo can go to press – cue the ‘perfect body’.

It would appear that all that has happened in the western world over the past 30 years is that we are scarily getting larger and more importantly unhealthier……could that mean that the current approaches to weight loss are not just ineffective but actually doing more harm than good! Hmmm…… I will leave that with you – but in case you need it spelling out: d i e t s d o n ’ t w o r k !

According to popular belief in order to lose weight you must: PAY! join a club, not eat at certain times, cut out carbs, limit your fats, not eat chocolate, only drink juice / shakes, only eat cabbage which ensure you will excrete ghastly pollutant gasses for days on end, take tablets then buy all the related products regularly in the local supermarket. I don’t mean to sound cynical, well ok, actually I do because this is a total crock of crap!

My first husband was over weight and I remember him going to the doctors at a time when it was a new fad to take pills to lose weight and I can only look back now and admire the doctor that didn’t just hand him the tablets but challenged him by simply stating “eat less calories, you don’t see fat people coming out of concentration camps do you”….. Well in fact he did see another doctor who happily gave him the tablets, he lost 3 stone and then, wait for it, surprise! Put it all back on, and extra straight after stopping the tablets.

Put simply if you want to lose weight the only way to do it is to consume less energy than your body requires. Everyone’s body requires a different amount but say you need 2000 calories to keep your body functioning and maintaining on a healthy level: if you consume more than that then the likely hood is that you will gain weight, consume less and you will lose weight – no magic, just logic!

The majority of all the options available to people will not work and there is plenty of evidence to show that ‘quick fixes’ provide weight loss that only lasts short term. Long term you are more than likely to end up heavier than what you were when you first started the darn diet!

The problem we face currently is that everyone is searching for that ‘snake oil’ and being led up the garden path oblivious to what they are eating and the affects upon their body. We are told over and over that our arses and waistlines should be smaller, whilst the real message is getting lost: our health is fading and fading fast, people are starting to experience life limiting illnesses far too young and inevitably premature death.

Eat for a long healthy life and not your waistline – easier said than done I know but with the right direction, support and education it really is possible.

If you are looking to achieve weight loss then hypnosis techniques can truly change every aspect of your life; breaking habits with food, physiological and emotional. Ultimately not only altering the way you look but also the way you feel about yourself, increasing your self-esteem whilst empowering, educating and nurturing the real you. This can change how you view yourself, allow you to develop a healthy relationship with food and assist you to not only reach your target of long term weight loss but enable you to lead by example.

Change why you eat and you will change what you eat!


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