Weight Loss and Hypno Gastric- band

Weight loss simply comes down to eating less than what your body requires, anything more than what you need and your body will then store it and you will maintain or gain weight. It really is that simple, therefore the thing that complicates weight loss must be how you think about food and the relationship you have formed with food: developing habits and emotional attachments that may leave you feeling as though food controls you. If you feel out of control with food there are two approaches that we can take using hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Consists of 6 sessions using Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to show you that you can break habits with food; psychological, emotional and ultimately not only alter the way you look but also the way you feel about yourself and how you view and interact with the world around you. This course of hypnotherapy is really about helping you to understand what you eat and why you eat it and fundamentally increases your ability to make informed choices, increase your conscious awareness, self-esteem and confidence and enables you to feel good about you and recognise that you are worth this investment.

Hypno Gastric- band

This option is ideal if you are simply looking to reduce your portion sizes, reducing the amount you eat by allowing you to feel fuller much more quickly. This consists of 4 sessions and also uses Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

You are given a personal recording to take away so you always have the support just at your fingertips as soon as you feel you may want it and this is fantastic at reinforcing the therapy we do within our sessions. I do initially recommend daily listening. I find that using hypnotherapy for both of these options allow people to feel happier in themselves giving them more choice and freedom to make the choices they want and in turn create the body they want.

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£250 Hypno Gastric Band (4 sessions)

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