Health and Wellbeing

For when you just don’t feel your best or have been feeling unwell or are even diagnosed with an illness, hypnotherapy can be a very positive therapy that can help alleviate symptoms when at times medication and other treatments may not.

Growing evidence shows that the mind goes far beyond the brain and cannot be confined to what we know as our physical self. Our brains are the computers that control our body, yet our mind appears to be the computer programmer behind our brain. Therefore, using Hypnotherapy to relax us we can create the best mind-set to programme our brain and in turn can instruct our body as how to behave, react or respond and more importantly how to HEAL ITSELF – The mind, brain and body interaction is a truly phenomenal network that Hypnotherapy can fine tune to allow you to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

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£60 per session – lasting 90 minutes

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