About Me

Professionally I have worked for 15 years assisting others in self-development within the realms of Education, Social Services, Police and Community Safety always under the umbrella of ‘what people should do’ counselling, mentoring, educating and enforcing ‘the right way’. The limits and frustrations of meeting targets, not enough hours in the working day and forcing others to conform disheartened me and led me to starting up my own business. Look Within: a business where individuals seek out and choose to implement change, where people are encouraged and supported to grow and flourish as best for them, how they deem fit to change, become the best that they can be. Empowered with knowledge whilst unconditionally and genuinely supported with my professional expertise, knowledge base and personal qualities to successfully achieve and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Personally I have embarked on my own journey of evolution, like so many others: a disrupted and destructive childhood, a non-existent relationship with parents, exposure to physical / emotional abuse and addiction, a personal battle with bulimia, traumatic childbirth, divorce, the loss of a loved one to cancer and raising 6 children one of whom is disabled. I have also experienced so much love, positive and fulfilling relationships, positive and calming childbirth, lots of laughter and created precious memories to cherish for eternity. For I am human and experiencing life! We can’t have the Yin without the Yang, Black without the White or the ups without the downs but what we can have is choice. We can choose how to play the cards that we are dealt and I really believe when we are influenced with integrity we can become whatever we want to be, achieve the unachievable and change what we are not happy with. The only limits are the ones we place in our path, are they not?

I chose to work in this field because I find human development truly fascinating and I genuinely smile when I watch clients have their very own light bulb moments! I learned very young that we really can create the life we want to live and thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and empowering others to create the life they really want to live.

I simply hold doors open that allow you to walk through once you decide you are ready…….


Training, qualifications & experience

BSc in Psychology and Criminology, Qualified hypnotherapist and counsellor, NLP practitioner and EFT practitioner. NCFE Level 2 Nutrition and Health.

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